Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A New Profile Photo

In ten days I will have been in Second Life for eight months... and it's sort of like dog years. "Eight months... how much is that in people years?" Several, I think. Things seem to happen very quickly in SL.

I've written a few times about how I've changed phys--uh, in appearance, I mean!--in Second Life. (See "Experiments in (dis)proportion," "My (Second) Life and the Rush of Breasts," and "Melissa Evolving.") After one brief false step at the beginning, through all this I've kept a single profile picture here on Blogger. Surely that makes no sense! (OK, it makes sense if you know how lazy I can be, but aside from that, I mean.) Besides, it's spring. Yes, every woman needs a Little Black Dress, but it's spring! I don't want my blog to look like I'm mourning.

So, here's the new profile photo. I hope you like it as much as I do. (Somehow I feel like I should be offering you a glass of tranya.)

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