Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gotta Dance...

Update Day (thanks to Mordecai Scaggs for that name!) does have at least one good point: it causes one to go places and meet people one wouldn't normally see or meet.

This latest time, it also had the advantage of letting one actually look as one wished. The asset database snapshot was relatively recent, and we weren't all Ruthed.

So, there I was in beta, and in Luna, wandering lonely as a cloud... and I came upon some people. One of them asked whether I run the Linux SL client. "Yes, I do," I answered, and was pulled into a delightful meeting with friendly people.

One of the delightful friendly people urged us all to touch her head... and after doing so, we were all dancing!

You have no doubt noticed the woman in front and to the left, and that gorgeous outfit. She is Kami Singh, and she in fact is a tailor and hairmaker and made that outfit, Sexy Tuxedo. United by dance and the admittedly minimal adversity of being out in the beta grid, we pledged friendship (which we had to renew upon return to the main grid; I'm glad I wrote down everyone's names!), and Ms. Singh kindly told me where she sells her wares.

A rather frustrating series of login attempts later, I was back on the main grid and upstairs in the alcove in Hooters 'n' Shooters where her creations can be bought.

It took a little adjustment to put the hat on my head (without hair poking through) and to keep the tails from magically disappearing into my, um, posterior with the gentle background motions of my body that take place even when I am standing "still". That done, I was a happy camper. Now, all I need is a cane and a Bob Fosse-inspired dance animation! (Jazz hands... must have jazz hands...)

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