Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Moment of Ruth

OK... during the scheduled downtime, I figured, "What the heck! I'll do my patriotic duty and try out the beta client." (Maybe this also shows signs of addiction...)

After some trouble (my computer's clock is wrong? I don't think so...), I finally got signed on. It was then I entered the Planet of the Ruths.

Essentially everyone is Ruthed, and most are naked. A few have put on barrels. I'm stuck half-rezzed, with the Gollum look one gets when one's skin isn't fully rezzed. Can't change clothing until my clothing and shape are fully loaded, and it looks like that will never happen, at least not before the main grid comes back up.

So... we've been coming up with ideas: Ruth Aid (could we get SL performers to sing for it?), remaking the Apple 1984 commercial with Ruths, redoing the Declaration of Independence ("We hold these Ruths to be self-evident...") and everybody just wishing they were ruthless.

I've crashed a lot. A very few people have rezzed and look like themselves. I envy them a great deal.

Is this what hell is like, I wonder?

[UPDATE: I did manage at one point to take off clothes, but never was able to put any on!

At one point, I went looking for a relatively unpopulated spot, hoping that I'd thereby get enough CPU cycles devoted to me to fully rez. It never happened... but I did inadvertently wind up in front of a building labeled "FREE SEX" with a fair number of people milling about. I suddenly burst into laughter at the thought of all the people who'd probably have loved to take advantage of it, but found themselves Ruthed... Oops. Then I left.]

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