Thursday, March 15, 2007

"I didn't mean to leave you half-oiled, Arlene!"

SL has been acting strangely since the downtime.
  • During my search for Gibson girl hair, hair kept getting stuck in mid-wear, so that it didn't appear, but I couldn't put on any other hair.
  • Today, that continued, and I had the problem of hair and other attachments moving to one's crotch when teleporting, too. (There was a ring with bling that was kind of embarrassing...)
Just now, shortly before the grid was switched to provide access only to Lindens, I signed on and found myself half-Ruthed. I had my skin and hair and dress... but my height and other settings weren't as I had them set. Rebaking didn't help, and I could click on "Appearance," but it didn't make any difference.

That was a bizarre experience. I felt like a child, and felt out of control. Mordecai and I started out to gather data for an article, and I feared that someone would see us and think we were involved in ageplay.

I hope that things are back to normal soon.


Tim said...

I experienced the same problem with my prim hair not loading as you described it: I rezzed with all clothes and stuff, but with a bald head. As I tried to wear the prim hair manually, it told me that another item was waiting for that spot ... but it never showed up. I had to re-login to be able to try it again.

In the evening it became a bit better, as I still didn't have hair, but at least I got a failure message after a while (couldn't be rezzed). After that, I could at least walk/fly to a not-so-crowded spot, wear my prim hair and go back.

Hope things get better soon!


Véronique Lalonde said...

I'm glad I was offline during all the troubles, or at least I haven't experienced anything horrible while online recently. I do not want to see myself as any fraction of Ruth.

Did you know that attached objects up the bum is only in your own client? At least I think so. Confirmed that last night when someone complained of the problem, but she looked normal to me. Still, I don't want to look at myself like that, so I fix it. I've figured out that relogging is faster than detaching and reattaching every durned piece.

At least it is now. I took your advice from a while ago and doubled it -- 2 GB now under the hood (the max for this mobo). Was at the Velvet last night when it was quite crowded, moved my camera all over, and no swapping!