Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talk about specialty stores...

I have just seen something delightful I'd never thought of... "Goth Mommy", a store selling maternity clothing for goths. Isn't the free market wonderful?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

NOW We Can Start!

I really hate the way that pushing Christmas merchandise has moved so early in the year. Thanksgiving? What's that? Halloween? Who cares; got to deck those halls.

So, among the things I am thankful for is the restraint my landlady and friend, Cheyenne Palisades, takes in delaying the coming of snow and Christmas to Whimsy until a proper time of year. Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can really appreciate it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's happening again...

On a different computer for the holidays, and the behavior I thought had gone away is back. The client eats up all available RAM, and then crashes... so my SL time over the holidays is liable to be shorter than I'd like. *pout*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a bit early, but...

I, and I expect many others, will be in RL on Thanksgiving with family... OK, that's a weird way to put it; one only leaves RL once, unless you believe in reincarnation--or you hope for the Singularity, in which case one leaves RL at most once. You know what I mean, though.

Anyway! I can't say whether I will have any time for SL on that day, so, to all of you who are my virtual family: happy Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

H-Bomb Lounge

The townhouses and EPIC Proportions are not all there is in the area where I explored a bit recently. A bit further on past EPIC Proportions (which, by the way, is now stocked with clothing for sale!) you will find the H-Bomb Lounge.

It's very much "shabby chic", or should I say rusty rococo? It's small and intimate, with friendly folks. Do check it out.

UPDATE: I should take my own advice, or take pictures to aid my memory. The rusted-out, ghost town look is only on the outside. Check out Maggie's great article on the lounge.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nanami Veronique

I've taken off the uber platform heels, for a while at least, and finally tried on another of the Nanami outfits I bought. This one is Veronique. Like Queen of Darkness, it has an adjustable skirt, which is a joy for anyone whose legs aren't exactly the same length as those of the shape the designer used.

The eCorps applier worked beautifully for the Foxbean Laboratories Nadine 1.5 prim breasts, and I wandered around, ending up at Locus Amoenus by a store selling buildings of various ancient style and structure.

Given my, um, settings and the pose, you can't see the corset, but it's there. The dress works well with the building and Windlight settings, I'd say.

The next day I wound up at the Minoan Empire, but I will refrain from posting that photo here.

UPDATE: That has a very "painterly" look, doesn't it? I tried a GIMP "clothify" filter to make it look painted on canvas but didn't have much luck. sigh...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buxom Life

Buxom Life was once the main site for EPIC. Now that EPIC is no more, it has taken on a new purpose. Check it out.

UPDATE: The name "Buxom Life" isn't necessarily the final choice of name.

UPDATE: The link is now updated.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Sigh. I've had 3.5 meter hair in Second Life, but SL prim hair, like SL prim breasts, is "non-physical", so it doesn't behave like this:

I'm as envious as I was of Susan Murphy/Ginormica in Monsters vs. Aliens.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ahern Revisited

Home sick again, not to be confused with homesick again. After wandering about a bit, I said the heck with it and headed to Ahern.

I wasn't sure I should; welcome areas now have the reputation of being places for griefers to hang out and do their best to keep Second Life's attrition rate as high as possible by being jerks, but this time at least, it wasn't that way. I met a bunch of neat people, two of whom stood out especially.

If you want a DJ, I know of one who will make an unforgettable impression. Brian Mason, who's been in SL a good bit longer than I have, has many avatars, but I'm just glad my mouth didn't hang open in SL when I first saw him with this amazing avatar:

I also saw someone I hadn't seen for a long time. Ronen Parx is a perfect gentleman, impeccably dressed; somehow we'd lost touch until this afternoon:

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill

Nanami's "Queen of Darkness" gown has a scripted skirt, so I seized joyously the pair of Uberplatform heels I bought a while back at Curio Obscura and set to adjusting. Alas, walking kills the illusion; the non-physical strips of skirt go through the shoes... but I still love the feeling.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Laurana Newell for advice on adjusting the skirt. MUch as I love Foxbean's breasts, I can't make the Nadine 1.5 as large as I'd like at this height, so I tried the Implant Nation Multiclothing breasts. Not bad, but they have problems when really pushed, most notably wrinkles probably caused by slight errors in the shape "texture" visible at that scale. I'll stick with Foxbean's work.

UPDATE: A first attempt at using the BIGAVS "blue edition" avatar stretcher in combination with the uber platform heels didn't work out. Perhaps with some work...

From the Ashes

This has been a sad year for prim breast users in some ways. First Mammatus left. More recently Boobytropolis has gone, though I hope that Minka Pearl will return again even more triumphantly than she did before.

Now EPIC is no more. Maggie Bluxome has photos of the wreckage. By the time I arrived there this morning after receiving a message from Laurana Newell, the link to the old EPIC I found was this worn poster in a bus stop:

There are signs of things to come, though. First, what Laurana messaged about: Tenyene has built a lane of one-room townhouses for rent at very low rates. (This photo just shows one side of the street; the other has a similar row of townhouses.)

L$175 per week, and you have an allowance of 100 prims for decorating and furnishing. Were I not a happy resident of Whimsy, I'd give it serious thought. My housing needs are very simple.

The other thing I saw that gives me hope is a building, in the EPIC black and purple style, under construction.

Tenyene makes wonderful clothing, and I look forward to much happy shopping there.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Old Friends and Coming Photos

I had the enormous pleasure of visiting with Pandora Barzane, a dear friend I hadn't been in touch with for way too long. She mentioned having photos taken at Big'Uns, and I suggested she put them up on flickr, so that perhaps others might contribute such photos that they'd taken.

I'll provide a link as soon as I can, and perhaps I can feed the kitty with some old photos of my own. Now to see whether flickr will let one have an apostrophe in a tag...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A quote I had to share

I found this quoted on Minka Pearl's web site, and had to put it here to share it with you. Mr. Bright has a collection of his photos on flickr, and has exhibits in SL; I have started to look at the former, and will be going in search of the latter.
Much too often, very busty women are seen in a bad light. Some feel they are ugly, some make stupid jokes about them, some see them as a sexual attraction. I want to show them in an artistic way, and I hope that this exhibition will help show them with more respect.

—Shanti Bright
UPDATE: I've now seen the exhibit the quote refers to, and I think he succeeds admirably. Check it out at the Shanti Art Centre.