Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ahern Revisited

Home sick again, not to be confused with homesick again. After wandering about a bit, I said the heck with it and headed to Ahern.

I wasn't sure I should; welcome areas now have the reputation of being places for griefers to hang out and do their best to keep Second Life's attrition rate as high as possible by being jerks, but this time at least, it wasn't that way. I met a bunch of neat people, two of whom stood out especially.

If you want a DJ, I know of one who will make an unforgettable impression. Brian Mason, who's been in SL a good bit longer than I have, has many avatars, but I'm just glad my mouth didn't hang open in SL when I first saw him with this amazing avatar:

I also saw someone I hadn't seen for a long time. Ronen Parx is a perfect gentleman, impeccably dressed; somehow we'd lost touch until this afternoon:

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Christos said...

Very nice piq. Poor Ronen is craning his neck..... Hope we meet again. Christos Ferraris