Sunday, November 07, 2010

From the Ashes

This has been a sad year for prim breast users in some ways. First Mammatus left. More recently Boobytropolis has gone, though I hope that Minka Pearl will return again even more triumphantly than she did before.

Now EPIC is no more. Maggie Bluxome has photos of the wreckage. By the time I arrived there this morning after receiving a message from Laurana Newell, the link to the old EPIC I found was this worn poster in a bus stop:

There are signs of things to come, though. First, what Laurana messaged about: Tenyene has built a lane of one-room townhouses for rent at very low rates. (This photo just shows one side of the street; the other has a similar row of townhouses.)

L$175 per week, and you have an allowance of 100 prims for decorating and furnishing. Were I not a happy resident of Whimsy, I'd give it serious thought. My housing needs are very simple.

The other thing I saw that gives me hope is a building, in the EPIC black and purple style, under construction.

Tenyene makes wonderful clothing, and I look forward to much happy shopping there.

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