Thursday, July 30, 2015

I hope I know the answer to this, but...

We are now in the world of fitted mesh clothing, which if I understand it follows the "bones" in the avatar (which term isn't really accurate. because some of those bones don't correspond to any bones in an actual human body but are added so mesh clothing will fit better, but that's not important right now).

If that's true, then what I seriously hope is true is this: that a knee-length skirt will be knee-length whatever the sliders on your body and legs are set to, and ditto for an ankle-length skirt.  If you know me, you know I want to be as leggy as I can, and that has made for difficulties with skirts. I have had to either cause a scandal in Caledon when my slider settings keep my ankles from being decently covered or tediously stretch the strips of virtual cloth that make up skirts... and for mini-skirts, oh my!

Is my thinking correct? I will end up taking the plunge and finding out by experience, but if you know the answer I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I am so behind, part N+1, in which we do a lot of happy dancing

First and most important: The Return of Foxbean! Thank you, Shayna Korobase, and thank you so much for the link, Maggie Bluxome (whose blog points you at all the goings on in the SL busty world)! The impossibly lovely and talented Foxbean Liebknecht has come out with new fitted mesh breasts, Sanira v1.0.

Fitted means they work with physics, and hence can jiggle. They also work with Tango appliers and, I am overjoyed to say, Omega appliers. If, like me, you have been SL subpetric for some time, you should know that Omega, the work of the folks at Love N Lust, is an attempt to bring sanity to SL fashion, which hitherto has been a maze of products with appliers that may or may not work and play well together. (For more on Omega and what it means from the point of view of designers as well as customers, read the joint blog post of Shayna and Stacia Zabaleta of Gatherings, "Omega is a Win-Win"... and politely ask makers of mesh bodies, body parts, and clothing to make their work Omega-friendly.)

The first-linked post from Shayna has photos--and I have to admit that from some of them I was a little worried. I thought of that wonderful compliment from Miss Blackflag for a photo in the Minoan Empire:
you know, one thing that i like about you is that even though your breasts are a bit out of the standard norm, you take the time to make them look like they have actual gravity to them, instead of them being just big balloons floating on your chest.
and was concerned... but then I took a look at the photos at Foxbean's SL marketplace page for the Sanira breasts, and was relieved. (*blush* Sorry, Foxbean, I know better than that.)

So, now it's more pressing than ever; I must find a good Omega-friendly mesh body, and ditto for clothing. (The breasts I've already bought.) Photos when I have them.

UPDATE: Speaking of happy dancing, as I type the hours are counting down to 2:00 p.m. July 26, 2015 SL Time (GMT - 7, also as I type), when the fine people of Brightflame Hollow will have a special event celebrating the release of Foxbean's Sanira breasts.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rational Discussion of SL on TV? We can hope...

An episode of Dr. Phil that aired on the day I write this dealt with gaming addiction. I'm happy to say that at least in the clip embedded in this NWN post about it, the discussion was refreshingly rational. I'll have to watch the whole thing.