Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill

Nanami's "Queen of Darkness" gown has a scripted skirt, so I seized joyously the pair of Uberplatform heels I bought a while back at Curio Obscura and set to adjusting. Alas, walking kills the illusion; the non-physical strips of skirt go through the shoes... but I still love the feeling.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Laurana Newell for advice on adjusting the skirt. MUch as I love Foxbean's breasts, I can't make the Nadine 1.5 as large as I'd like at this height, so I tried the Implant Nation Multiclothing breasts. Not bad, but they have problems when really pushed, most notably wrinkles probably caused by slight errors in the shape "texture" visible at that scale. I'll stick with Foxbean's work.

UPDATE: A first attempt at using the BIGAVS "blue edition" avatar stretcher in combination with the uber platform heels didn't work out. Perhaps with some work...


Susyn Stenvaag said...

Hi Melissa! (waves). Sorry I don't stop by every day so I'm late with the comment. Regarding BigAvs Blue and platform won't work because there is a maximum 0.3 meter offset and with a stretched avatar tht just about brings your feet to thefloor. BigAvs "standard: has higher offsets and they will work better but then you have taller avs with more distortion and other issues take over. Blue edition will allow a decent shape to be created using the native size controls in SL. The offset value is what really defines the avatar position. It gives everything a "center" point for reference. This is really apparent when you try to sit or use a poser while "big" is switched on. I do love that skirt. You've once again given me the inspiration to start working on the giantess again :-)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Hi Susyn! No need to apologize. Shucks, I was hoping it would work, but it's good to be saved useless effort, and a joy to know that I've inspired you to, um, greater heights. :)