Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fashion wish list

Mordecai has started on a residence in Caledon Tanglewood; his delightful posts on the site and the work he's done are well worth the reading (and viewing the photos!).

I don't wish to cause a scandal, so I doubt I'll be wearing, oh, say, something like what I wore in Bryggen in Caledon! I already have several Victorian dresses, but I would dearly love to find the following:
  1. The dress worn by the Lady of Shalott in Waterhouse's famous 1888 painting. (To me, at least, it looks a lot like a houppelande.) The basics don't look very difficult... I will spend a little time trying to make it myself. Of course, the hair is important to the look, too. I'm hoping that's sufficiently period-independent that I can find it without much trouble.
  2. An outfit or outfits, and hair, of the style of the "Gibson girl." Her hair is a lot more specific to the time, I fear.
I'll be keeping my eyes open.

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