Monday, March 12, 2007

Reactions, Part II

I got a couple of "ridiculous" comments over the past few days. I'd like to publicly thank Mr. Ridiculous #2, because he added a comment that was useful, i.e. that I'd not done a good job of matching skin color. It's surprisingly hard to do; something that looks good at sunrise may look bad at noon... and I wonder whether local lighting behaves differently for skin versus attachments, given a recent experience.

In any case, I've improved the match, I think.

[UPDATE: I've confirmed it; local lighting does behave differently. Up at the Bridge to Nowhere in Apollo, I had to set the skin of my prim breasts to dark gray to make it come close to matching my skin... but when I went elsewhere, they looked... dark gray. (Who'd've thunk it?) I switched back to something that looked reasonable in Huchu in the open at sunrise, noon, and sunset... but at the Welcome Center, suddenly my prim breasts looked almost as if they were metal glowing white hot, without a similar change to my skin. Aargh!]

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