Monday, March 26, 2007

Comments Revisited: Thank you, Natalia!

Natalia Zelmanov keeps an excellent blog. I've written about it before. Short form: she manages to post entertaining and educational entries daily. If you have any interest at all in making clothing, hair, or shoes, or want to preview the wonderful places she visits and from which she takes her inspiration, visit her blog.

This past Saturday, she posted a tutorial on clothes-making with GIMP... yay! That's one great thing; the other is that when I posted a comment, there appeared a CAPTCHA. I hadn't noticed that one could set that up; perhaps because in the options in blogger it's called "word verification." (Is that like spell checking? Something to do with Microsoft Word? Fortunately, there's a help button that explains its purpose.)

So... I now have "word verification" turned on, and moderation turned off. You needn't wait for me to get around to checking my email to post a comment, and I'm hoping it will suffice to avoid comment spam.

Thank you, Natalia!

[UPDATE: *blush* Vint Falken nudged me in this direction in a comment on an earlier entry, but I didn't go looking until I saw it in action. Shame on me for not going looking before now.]

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SLNatalia said...

Hi Melissa, Im so glad you found the Word Verification feature too! I was getting a lot of spam, and finally had to try to slow it down. It works pretty well :)