Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Experiments in (dis)proportion

OK... I fiddled with the appearance sliders today, and discovered something that may well have been obvious to you, the reader, but wasn't to me: the height setting really does set your height, and therefore, if you adjust the length of some component of your body that contributes to your height, other things change length to keep the height you set.

So... I gleefully set "torso length" to zero (which really puts it at the minimum length, not zero; as they'd say in the math biz, the mapping is affine, not linear), and watched my legs lengthen while my height remained at 7'2" (or 188 cm for those of you with a rational measurement system). [UPDATE: make that 218 cm; all the more proof of the idiocy of the "imperial" system of measures.]

The results may be too extreme even for me; I'll give it some time to see. I remember reading an article long ago in which the author, while exploring some city, came across a club with a barker and two women outside luring customers in. The author described the women as "all breasts and legs." With prim breasts on, I have become that. I am amazed.

I hope to replicate a photo I've taken in the past to give a basis for comparison, but I will ultimately put some photos here for you to see the results.


Mordecai Scaggs said...

I look forward to seeing the promised photographs, darling. Having already seen your new, extended-leg form, I can safely say you are beautiful beyond compare :)

vint said...

Me want piccies! Me want piccies! Or do I need to come over and take them myself? ;)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

I'll put photos here and on flickr, I promise... though I'd be honored if someone of your abilities were to take pictures of me.

vint said...

Just say 'hi' in-world if you are free. If I'm not doing anything important either, we can try? Although I tend to correct all disproportions in PS, so it will be a challenge to not do that for me too... ;)