Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Return of the Attack of the Fifty-Foot Melissa

I was going to take a picture of myself in some business-appropriate clothing, and I happened to be standing on a large flat region in Northstar. It struck me that it would be a good place to try some more forced perspective, Northstar being a place where people play with scale, so I pulled out a sit pose...

Some sit poses will in fact sit you down. Others seem to presume you're already seated, so that if you play them while standing, you hover a few feet in the air in a sitting pose, which is just the thing for a forced perspective shot. I took an insanely high-resolution shot because I knew I would crop it heavily... and here's the cropped result.

P.S. A few days ago, I wound up in a place with extreme lag. The building and terrain beneath my feet took a long time to rez... and had I been quick enough on the draw, I could have taken a nice forced perspective shot in a standing position. I wonder if there's a pose that will leave on standing and hovering?

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Lucius Nesterov said...

I believe if you stand on top of something, and then delete it, you remain floating until you move. Maybe give that a go.