Friday, April 13, 2007

HUDs, Fine Music, and Disappearing Skirts

If you look at a profile in SL, you'll see a little button labeled "Rate". If you're in that person's presence, you can click on it and choose to rate him or her either positively or neutrally in the categories of behavior, appearance, and building skills, along with an optional comment that the person rated sees. Positive ratings cost L$25 per category... and I really hope that that money goes to the person rated, because I've tried to make a point of rating people positively when appropriate. (Judging by the comments on the below-linked blog entry, though, I appear to have been naive about that...)

LL has recently announced that the next Beta Test Grid will have an associated Beta client that removes the ratings system. Apparently it's not all that widely used, and eats enough resources that LL has decided to phase it out. There are a lot of third-party ratings systems for SL out there, which the linked SL blog entry lists, and I decided to check out RatePoint.

One goes through a process to register with RatePoint, and then goes to RatePoint Island to pick up a box with a HUD to let you rate nearby people (I think those who are also so registered), and with something you can wear to publicly display your rating if you are so inclined.

I did so... and saw a bunch of people inside the RatePoint Café. In I went, and when I clicked the audio stream on, there was some sweet jazz with, if I remember rightly, piano and flugelhorn. I listened, and then the light came on... and I typed

/me realizes that this is live music!

Fortunately, Kurt Jano, the excellent performer who was responsible for the music, was amused... and said so between songs. *blush*...

A bunch of people there had on their rating displays above their heads, so I figured what the heck and put mine on. The music was really good (if you ever have a chance to hear Kurt, by all means take it!), and I was into it... and suddenly I noticed that my skirt had disappeared! *blush* again, and thank goodness I wasn't, um, regimental.

Yup, that display attached to the pelvis, just like prim skirts do... so I'd better read up on how to make it attach elsewhere (is there any place left, I wonder?).

I guess we'll see which of the third-party ratings systems survive as time goes on, and I'll see how useful RatePoint proves to be. I am glad I tried it, if only for the really good music!


vint said...

I tried ratepoint out a while ago, and my main astonishment was 'it makes disappear my skirts!!!' Besides, I don't always want to walk around with a green bar above my head. For the rating system in Linden, no the avatars rated don't see any money from it. It's a good way for LL to draw linden dollars back out of the system, I assume, so they can sell some more for real $. I looked at it regulary and rated some people, and think it's stupid it's going. For people that have let's say 100 for appearance, 100 for building and 100 for behaviour, that's 7500 ls worth of ratings gone. :/

Ron Kiernan said...

Hey Melissa! Glad you enjoyed the concert, Kurt is awesome.

Just so you and Vint know the "Public Display" is optional. It's the Private Viewer (HUD) that allows you to rate and see everyone's ratings, and that will not remove any clothing :)

Tiessa said...

I just think we need more attachment points in general. A neck one would be good for starters. Perhaps a waist in addition to the stomach would be nice for belts. A lower back would be nice - right now a number of tails use the stomach slot.

Alsoo, Vint it appears that at some point the ratings cost far less than L$25 to give, perhaps even free at some point. Which is why some people have the 350+ ratings - they used to have rating parties where everyone stood around and rated each other.