Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank you, Sofia!

Today I noticed that someone in Sofia, Bulgaria has read this blog. That set me thinking and made me remember something that happened some time back...

I, like many others, had fallen in love with Le Mystére des Voix Bulgares, an album of Bulgarian art song inspired by folk music, and most especially with Philip Koutev's "Polegnala e Todora." I could never find the sheet music for that song.

Well, today I saw Google Analytics, thought of that song, Googled "Philip Koutev" (which I should've spelled "Kutev"; the album, as one might guess from the title, transliterated in a way suitable for French speakers) and "sheet music" and ZOT! One of the links was to a Wikipedia page that in turn pointed to Vox Bulgarica, where one can purchase the sheet music for $1.50. They have a sample page, which shows that the lyrics have been transliterated for us nikulturniki who can't read Cyrillic, and also shows me why I never managed to transcribe the music. It's in 11/16 time! (Eek!)

Once I am again employed, off my order will go, for enough copies that I can track down other people and we can enjoy giving voice to this music. Thank you, whoever you are in Bulgaria, who happened across my blog.

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