Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Day Without Hair

Today is Hair Fair Bandana Day. (Or is it "Bandanna Day"? Had you asked me, I'd say there were three "n"s, but fashion blogs in SL only use two, and after looking at them long enough, they both look wrong to me!) This is a day to take off your hair and put on a bandana.

The point is to support a worthy organization: Locks of Love. They provide hairpieces for girls and young women who are without hair due to medical conditions.

If you buy any or all of the bandanas (with however many "n"s) on sale associated with the day, the proceeds will go to benefit Locks of Love. I am very late in writing this, alas, but there is still some time.

A while back there was some controversy about a suggestion that people switch to an African avatar for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. I was among those who thought it a minimally useful gesture to make the politically correct feel good. Maybe I was wrong; I can say that spending today without the flexi-prim hair I normally wouldn't be seen without did a little to drive home how it must be to really not have hair.

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