Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I'm embarrassed to say that I'd not seen Tiessa Montgolfier's blog entry that lists all the reasons we should in fact envy Barbie before today. Do read it; it's fun and clever. (And while you're there, read all of Tiessa's blog and bookmark it or set up your aggregator for the RSS feed. It's a great blog and insightful... and the "Mistress Strangelove" series especially is not to be missed!)

She says "I'm glad Melissa is enjoying her time with massive breasts and has the guts to do it." Thank you, Tiessa. To me, it's sad that it should take guts.

I've made a point of wearing them in "everyday" contexts (whatever that means in SL :)), e.g. to musical performances, or just while going from place to place. I'm not a dancer or escort, and my tops are no more daring than many, if not most, in SL. I just happen to have large breasts. (In SL... sigh.) With some help? Yes, but OTOH, <announcer guy voice>in a world where LL implemented Proposition 125</announcer guy voice>, I would have cheerfully run the slider up on day one. Then I'd have the nearest equivalent of "natural" large breasts there is in SL, avoiding any of the connotations prim breasts might have by analogy with RL implants.

There are some women who manage in RL to avoid the Scylla of medical problems and the Charybdis of cruel peers and popular culture's stereotypes and single notion of beauty, and actually have large breasts. Should they not be able to make their avatars look like themselves? If they can have large breasts in SL, why then, oh why can't I? (Or anyone, and I promise I won't sing again...)

Please let me know if you take the plunge with prim breasts, Tiessa; I think a solidarity movement for the well-endowed would be a very good idea. (Maybe I'm a bit stuffy; I can't bring myself to type or say that other B-word. :))

(Whew... I promise I won't get carried away like this again. Unless the subject turns to Windows Vista, maybe... :))

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Tiessa said...

Thank you for the comments about my blog.

It is sad that it "takes guts" to do what you are doing.

The other major problem with prim breasts is that I have a *large* wardrobe that wouldn't work with them :)