Monday, April 23, 2007


Last night I attended a performance by Bill and Pam Havercamp, and had a wonderful time.

That, of course, is much the same sort of news as "Sun Rises in East in the Morning;" Bill and Pam are a joy to listen to and their enthusiasm is, as one often hears, infectious. What was new for me was the venue, the Multi-media Arts Center, or MMAC. The Center includes a variety of performance spaces as well as an art gallery and two theaters (one being a drive-in).

It's great to have all these places in one spot... but doesn't that lead to problems with the number of residents that can fit in one spot, you may ask? Well, I asked; you've probably already figured it out: MMAC is sited over the spot where the corners of four different sims lie, so they can either have multiple smaller performances going or one big one, and possibly other combinations as well (I haven't looked closely at the layout).

So, check it out. I look forward to attending more performances there.

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