Friday, April 27, 2007

Terms of Endearment

I've been fortunate to have mostly found kind and pleasant people in SL. Some of them, very dear friends, address me with terms of endearment. You know, "sweetie" and the like.

One such term, though, always makes me do a double take. I know that it's intended as short for "honey," and that it's just my own weirdness that makes me react so, but every time I see

[name]: thanks, hun

I hesitate and want to double check that my name hasn't been surreptitiously changed to Attila. Maybe this is an argument for voice in SL. :)

Ah... there we go. I will tell myself that my dear friends are Winnie the Pooh fans. After all, his beloved jars were labeled "hunny," so "hun" is a perfectly reasonable short form!

1 comment:

Ville Winkler said...

Errrr, I really have been meaning to say it in Winnie the Pooh -style, specially in your case :)