Saturday, December 15, 2007

"I feel pretty..."

A little while ago I signed on and a blue pop-up window appeared.
Raven Ivanova has offered you 'Merry Xmas Melissa - from Raven @Smashing Prims' in Second Life.
Startled, I clicked "Accept" and peeked inside. There was a very sweet note from Raven... and gowns! Raven has come out with gowns that have prim breasts, textured to suit them.

Now, this picture doesn't show what it will look like on you, for a couple of reasons... OK, one reason, actually: my inclination to go to extremes. The prim breasts you see here are edited to make them larger, and I will have to edit the skirt to make it full length, given my avatar slider settings.

As with my previous post about Smashing Prims, you can't see the jiggle, and another thing you can't see is the very easy-to-use UI. Just click on the breasts, and a pop-up lets you set their behavior to suit your wishes.

What you can see, though, is the lovely detail:

I can't describe how wonderful it feels to wear something so beautifully detailed and above all designed to suit the way I want to be. Not being ignored after being a fashion outcast is a very nice feeling.

A while back, fashion blogs started mentioning for each item they write about whether the designer/store gave it to them. I have no delusions of fashionistismo (or is that fashionistidad? fashionisteza?) or of this blog being anything but whatever strikes my fancy to write about... but it doesn't matter that I was given this dress. Had I not been given it, I'd have bought it on sight. It's the most beautiful clothing designed for prim breasts I've yet seen in SL, and if I dare hope, the first of many more. Thank you, Raven.

P.S. Those photos do no justice whatsoever to the texture of the skirt. I will correct that omission soon.

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