Thursday, December 27, 2007

Modesty through Procrastination

My very favorite prim breasts are Foxbean Laboratories' "Nadine" breasts. They're sculpted, which makes it far easier to clothe them by texturing... but I still haven't sat down with GIMP and Natalia's wonderful tutorials and tried to do a non-trivial texture for them.

(They say there are classes on how not to procrastinate, and one of these days I'll take them.)

So... these days, you will mostly see me in tops with no neckline whatsoever, much less décolletage, and either solid colors or sweaters. When I'm daring, it's by displaying my shoulders, or my back, or my legs.

Perhaps that's good, in a way, or more realistic. We're taught that a large bust is a "figure flaw" to be camouflaged, or feel the need to dress to distract from it for fear of others' reactions or to conform to expectations.

I promise I will set to work with GIMP, though, and then things will be very different indeed... at least part of the time.

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