Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to? Check Tweaktocracy...

I remember long ago reading a study of text editor user interfaces. it found that the subjects of the study tended to learn a subset of the available commands and use them, even when there were alternatives that might be quicker. For example, though there was a keystroke to move a word at a time, people would simply use the keystroke to move a character at a time repeatedly. They learn a minimal set of comands that, as they say in the linear algebra biz, spans the space of things they want to do.

I know I do that. In SL, I know there's a command to make my avatar run. I have yet to look it up and remember it. I've seen avatars jump short distances, only to try to fly it myself and overshoot the target repeatedly.

In those ways and many others, I need to learn to better use SL... and I'm sure that by reading Tweaktocracy, a new blog from the very capable Cheyenne Palisades and Exuberance Lafleur, I will learn many ways to do so. I hope you'll check it out.

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