Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Tertin, tertin..."

SCTV had a segment titled Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, in which the long-suffering Count Floyd had to try to persuade the audience that all sorts of non-scary movies were scary. The one that sticks out in my mind was Whispers of the Wolf, a hilarious Ingmar Bergman sendup. It starts with Catherine O'Hara, doing her best Liv Ullman, entering a hotel and asking for the room her sister is in. In the faux Swedish of the skit the ominous room number, 1313, comes out as "Tertin, tertin."

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really... I was just reminded of it when I saw on Google Analytics that this blog got 1,313 visits over the past thirty days. Actually more, because the two days before I realized that changing templates chucked the Google Analytic insert are still in the thirty-day window... though by Friday they will have fallen off. Even with that, I think that's the most visits I've gotten over a thirty-day period. Very small potatoes indeed in the blogging world, but a high point for me, and thank you all for stopping by... even if you're just looking for cheesy phrases.

(Ms. O'Hara did a really good job. I remember seeing the cover of Liv Ullman's autobiography once; she's a beautiful woman, but somehow in that photo she has a look that tells you she's seen nothing but disappointment and suffering in life, and is cringing, waiting for the whip to fall again... Ms. O'Hara nailed that look.)

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