Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smashing Prims

I received email this morning from Kiera Jensen, referring me to a store called Smashing Prims. I'm very much in Ms. Jensen's debt, because Smashing Prims features not only lovely dresses, but dresses designed as a whole to work with prim breasts. I can't give you the full effect, because I can't capture the jiggle in a still photo.

The prim breasts are sculpted, and can, within limits, be enlarged:

Though the limits are less than I would personally like, I am still very impressed, and will, I'm sure, spend far too much money there.

Even if you have no interest in prim breasts, you should still go to look at the skins and the dresses that have no prim breasts, especially the lovely gowns. (And if you do share my interest, you should know that we may be seeing such a gown with prim breasts designed to go with it in the future.)

Smashing Prims designer Raven Ivanova is doing wonderful work for prim breast wearers, and deserves our support.

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