Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where's Hercules when you need him?

If you see him, let him know I need help cleaning my Augean inventory... though OTOH, while his methods are direct and effective, I want something left in my inventory when the smoke clears, or rather when the water recedes.

Inspired by NWN's post pointing at the start of Anya Ohmai's four-part series on organizing one's inventory, I've started on the process... and after almost five years of neglect, there's a lot to do. Seeing the way Ms. Ohmai takes a picture of each item of clothing to save on her computer is both amazing and daunting. I presume that one would have to use a program like f-spot or digikam so you can tag the photos for searches.

So, I'm still going through a very rough initial classification, getting rid of duplicates and outdated items (remember the SL Gendar rating HUD? I just deleted mine). It's tedious work, and I hope that you will all learn from my bad example. Keep your inventory organized from the start; it will save you much grief. Though I must admit, it's good to see the things one has lying around, like this:

Sometimes I tell myself I shouldn't buy anything new until I've worn everything in my inventory once... but that wouldn't help vendors I want to support, would it?

UPDATE: I think I just about have the first cut of sorting things out done... but of course, the next task is classifying clothing, and while that was not quite as big a fraction of my inventory as I thought, it is pretty darned big... and for prim breast users, things are made a little more interesting, since one will want to have a separate folder for outfits or items that are prim breast-friendly (by being either designed thus, adapted after the fact, or by not including tops so they're trivially OK). Guess I'll be wearing, if not everything, the vast majority of it so I know how to classify it.


ameira_loire said...

Oh dear. You too. After LL's inventory rebuild I had 1000 fewer items than before they did the work, and I have no idea what those 1000 items were, so I started removing duplicates and organizing. I now have 200 MORE items. Don't ask me, I'm just reportingn the facts ma'am.

Susyn Stenvaag said...

Just a suggestion Melissa, if it's NOT prim breast friendly it doesn't belong in the inventory :-)

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

That is tempting, and I will definitely be culling things that, on reflection, aren't as good as I thought or that were part of a big bag of freebies that proved to be just OK.

OTOH, I do want to leave my options open; someday I will have sufficient skill to create textures to make them prim breast friendly.