Monday, August 29, 2011

Excellent Mesh Work from Mikki Miles

OK. I have been kvetching about mesh as it is now in SL for clothing use, but... even as things stand mesh will make SL a more amazing place. As an example, you want to take a look at the beautiful work that Mikki Miles does with musical instruments.

First, I should be up front that they are not musical instruments in the sense that you can play an arbitrary tune on them. They are objects you can "wear" or sit down at that look like musical instruments and can have associated sound files that you can play.

That said, they are gorgeous, and more so now that mesh is available and Ms. Miles has started to come out with mesh versions. You can look at images and buy them at her SL Marketplace store, but don't just do that. Fire up a mesh-capable SL client and head over to Montisigard (139, 52, 79) so you can admire the beautiful detail, the shapes, textures, and especially the gorgeous soundhole roses.

Many, many thanks to Reine for showing me Mikki's beautiful work.


ameira_loire said...

I've been thinking about where mesh as is is now would be useful. It doesn't flex so most hair is out but if the object is rigid then the detail can be amazing. I expect top end jewelry made with mesh could be stunning. I'm surprised that one of my favorite jewelers hasn't offered any yet.

al (Reine)

ameira_loire said...

Mikki has just released a ragtime piano in mesh that is only four prim equivalents. If she makes an extension pack for some of Willie (the Lion) Smith's work, I will have to get it.