Wednesday, August 10, 2011

0 0 Auspicious

That's the name of a sim, honest. With the digits and the following spaces. You'll need to type those to find it on the world map.

I came across it in Caminante de Sueños, an all-photo travel blog of the grid. If your favorite movie is Yellow Submarine, and your favorite artists the 60s-era Peter Max and whoever did the art for Family Dog Productions posters, you'll love 0 0 Auspicious.

I had to go there and take some pictures. There was a strange tunnel that went up into the air and ended with a blindingly bright area. I took some pictures there and a few on the way back down.

Out in the open is a riot of brightly colored trees, flowers, and even land.

Pay a visit to 0 0 Auspicious. It's quite a trip.

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