Monday, August 08, 2011

Lovely Gown from Gatherings--Thank You, Stacia!

I signed on yesterday and found an IM and inventory waiting for me from Stacia Zabaleta of Gatherings. She had a surprise for me... and boy, was it a surprise! It was a robin's egg blue version of the gorgeous brocade gown she has on sale in pomegranate (which I bought one of).

I was, and still am, utterly amazed. It's a gorgeous gown. It brought many compliments at Bosom Buddies Formal Night--and compliments from the impeccably dressed and breathtaking women who dance there are to be cherished. (If you've never been, by all means go! There's a contest; well, two, actually, one for guests and one for employees, for best-dressed. I swear that every week I go, it becomes harder and harder to vote as everyone looks more amazing, even though had you asked me the first time I went there, I'd have called it impossible.)

Here are a couple of photos, taken on Tempura Island. Yes, after going on about how wonderful shadows are in fashion photography, I picked one of the Windlight settings that flatten things out, but I didn't want to skew the colors as I did for that Jinxed "Siena" dress.

So head on over to Gatherings and take a look. I should add that this outfit is flexible--it has many more options than I am showing here.

P.S. I am a total sucker for details such as can be seen here, and having them on tops for the well-endowed is still a rare thing, to be celebrated when it happens. Thank you again, Stacia, and thank you to other clothiers who accommodate my tastes in this regard.


Maggie Bluxome said...

I agree. This dress caught my eye. :)

Gatherings said...

Awww thank you both of you! I really thought that this dress suited Mellisa's personality and chose a color that would highlight her lovely red hair! Glad you enjoyed! *giggles*