Saturday, August 06, 2011

The August 2011 BUSTed is here!

The August 2011 issue of BUSTed magazine is out, and it's excellent.

The photography is amazing. In addition to Jinx and Wicked's beautiful work, you can see the photography of Shanti Bright, who you'll recall had a great exhibit of photographs of busty women at his Shanti Art Centre. It's worth repeating his comment on his exhibit, which Minka Pearl quoted on her blog:
Much too often, very busty women are seen in a bad light. Some feel they are ugly, some make stupid jokes about them, some see them as a sexual attraction. I want to show them in an artistic way, and I hope that this exhibition will help show them with more respect.
 Ashtoreth Walpole, a new editor at the magazine, has a great column in this issue, and there are now letters to the editor! By all means, read the magazine (it's free--how can you pass it up?) and do send in those cards and letters.

To see the cover, and get some more information about this month's issue, check out what Maggie Bluxome has to say about it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Melissa :) and I always like reading your articles. I was privileged to be featured by Shanti at his gallery and he's a real gentleman. He was completely charming when he approached me at Boobytropolis and I was surprised by how fast he talked me out of my clothes :P