Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Allons, enfants de la vie seconde...

...le jour de mesh est arrivé!

It's official; mesh is now in place grid-wide. (Please hurry, Firestorm team!)

Things to check out:
  • This video of Cinder Roxley dancing in a mesh dress. Finally, actual skirts instead of a bunch of strips of immaterial cloth tied together at your waist! (Yes, someday you can pull an old flexi-prim dress out of your mothball-scented inventory, put it on, and when the newbies point out your legs moving through it, tell them all about what an advance it was when it first came out and share a laugh.)
  • This post at NWN, which I hope will become more informative as comments come in with more links and less snark.
Let's hope that LL gets the PE issue settled reasonably.


Daniel Boomhauer said...

problem with this release is I can't log in unless I put graphics settings to min and then once I log in, set them to what I usually have them at. I get this every time I log in:

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Ouch! That's nasty. Be sure to submit a JIRA entry for it. They seem to be pretty responsive to that kind of bug--certainly more so than to feature requests.

Daniel Boomhauer said...

Well, I have no problems logging in with the 3.0.1 beta client. Apparently it was fixed.