Thursday, June 25, 2009

SL6B: Islam: From 6th century Arabia to 21st century virtual world

SL6B includes many amazing builds; more, I'm sure, than I'll be able to get to, but I will visit what I can.

I'll start with the beautiful (if a bit bright) Islam: From 6th century Arabia to 21st century virtual world. I am a calligrapher, if a bit out of practice, and the use of calligraphic type faces, both English and Arabic, is breathtaking. Posters describe various basic concepts of Islam, and photographs humanize people we tend to only hear the worst of, as if one only knew about Christians via reports on Fred Phelps.

I first visited the build early Tuesday morning, as the exhibitor, Ruuh Cassini, was putting on finishing touches. I came upon it unawares. Announcements of the vigil for the Iranians protesting the stolen election mention the recommendation that women attending wear headscarves; suffice it to say that I was rather past the point of just not wearing a headscarf. Nonetheless Mr. Cassini welcomed me, told me about the build, and answered my questions with the utmost courtesy.

When it comes to religion, as they say, I don't have a dog in that fight. I do say, however, that this build is beautiful and well worth visiting. Some pictures to give you a taste:

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