Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adult Crickets Chirping

According to the LL blog--or rather, one of them--this past Monday, the 1.23 client having been released, the renamed "adult" continent Zindra has been opened up for a couple of weeks for the perusal of any resident with a verified account.

Presumably, those whose businesses will forced to move there will be the most interested in such inspection, but out of curiosity, I went.

Much of SL feels like a ghost town when one goes there. Of course, if one could teleport to random places on Earth, and truly chose randomly, the results would be the same, not to mention that most of the time you could drown--but this was even more so. That said, it's really quite a lovely place at the moment.

There are several large hydroelectric dams there, according to the blog entry; I saw one myself. I've led a sheltered life, but I have a hard time imagining adult activity by a dam... and actually, I had a hard time imagining it at all in those open spaces interspersed with tasteful buildings waiting for occupants.

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