Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miriel disappears

As I type this, you have under a week to visit the beautiful Miriel sim before it goes away. I hope you will; if you wish to purchase any of Miriel Enfield's excellent products, now's the time.

Hamlet Au has written about this in NWN, and you should in particular read the comments—especially that of Ms. Enfield herself, who felt she had to speak out. An excerpt:
...I quit because I was frustrated with a lot of things, especially SL's artistic limitations, my own inability to work around those to my satisfaction, and my belief that LL is not going to ever give me the features I want.
I respectfully submit that there need be no evil Linden conspiracy to get rid of user-generated content. They need only pay no attention to eliminating the limitations Ms. Enfield refers to. The best creators will go away, and residents will follow.

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