Saturday, June 13, 2009

For What It's Worth

"Paranoia strikes deep [clap clap]
Into your (second) life it will creep [clap clap]..." --with apologies to Stephen Stills

Goodness, there's a lot of brouhaha over some images of what turns out to be a very early Linden/Big Spaceship attempt at a new UI for SL.

I've seen the images. While I'd much rather be able to try it out, and should withhold judgment until that's possible, just from those images I can't say I'm very impressed. (Flabbergasted, yes--a "Geek" menu?!) If that's how the final result turns out, all I can say is wait up, Imprudence, here I come!

Anyway, a huge stink was raised based on those images--because Tateru Nino didn't happen to take and post screenshots of building or editing objects, they, it was said, prove that LL is going to put an end to user-created content in SL! That and what MMOs other than SL allegedly said about what they're going to do. Yeah... that's the ticket....

Never mind that it's SL's distinguishing feature, the source of SL's economy, and that a Linden developer states he or she knows of no plans to, and has heard no discussions of, getting rid of user-generated content, and that he or she and many other LL personnel would quit if it happened.

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