Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another visit to the "adult ghetto"

I guess a lot of people were curious; some of the most-visited regions listed this week in NWN were from the new "adult ghetto". I didn't realize until I got there.

There were a few people there; like me, they were wandering about, looking at the buildings.

Here's a photo of the Port of Kama City building at sunset. I think it's quite lovely, and the incongruity of it amazes me. In RL, the adult ghettos seem to be in run-down, seedy parts of town (or, if you've been on the road lately, you may have seen "adult stores" popping up in the middle of nowhere at exits on interstate highways). It's sufficiently strange that I will revisit it once it is populated just to see how it changes.

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Elaine said...

That's a very astute point that out of world adult spots are seedy while inworld adult areas are generally of high quality. I wandered in one pre-adult continent sim which had it's own streaming radio with tons of inworld ads and announcements all made by a highly professional voice. Some of those areas tend to get a bit junky at the entry point with "vote" signs, ads, group joiners, etc. but, by and large, they are some of the better places to go. Probably because residents are willing to pay for adult content.