Saturday, August 23, 2008

Touring the galaxy

A week or so ago, a friend introduced me to Galaxy Dreams and Shopping Mall on MoanaLani, asking me there to dance. It was a lovely place, all stars and sparkle in the night.

The other night, I went back and was pleasantly surprised to find that you can tour the region on a comfy pillow-strewn couch. (I'm not sure whether one can tour with a friend; the couch is not large, so it would need to be a very good friend indeed!) It takes you on a stately journey past planets, through meteor showers, and into an area that reminds me a bit of the tragically vanished Zero Point, Sabine Stonebender's magnificent build, before taking you back to the starting point--which is at one side of the dance floor if you wish to take part.

Take the tour; I think you'll enjoy it. Next time I'll play some music to go with it: Constance Demby, Neptune from Holst's The Planets, or perhaps David Arkenstone's "Far, Far Away."

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