Saturday, August 02, 2008


New World Notes has posted a short piece asking what people think about the disappearance of "Popular Places". I, for one, am practicing my happy dance, in hopes that the death of "Popular Places" will mean the end of bot farms, the hordes of mindless clients that run and eat resources for the sole purpose of running up traffic counts.

I'm grateful to Hamlet Au for his mentioning a blog that I'd not heard of. In passing he refers to a post on SLWTF, one of several, in which Garth Goode, the blog's author, happens across some of those collections of bots. In the latest, he finds them standing around on a platform in the sky and, shall we say, brings them down to earth, where we find they were hovering above a place called "Porn Plaza". Porn Plaza proves to have one of the most hilariously inept signs I've seen in some time.

Garth Goode is a witty observer of SL, and SLWTF features many fascinating places. It's well worth your time.

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