Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On the moove?

Dusan Writer tells of an interesting video that shows brief scenes in a plethora of virtual worlds, letting one compare and contrast. One caught my eye: moove.

I went there, expecting them to be yet another Windows-only, or Windows and Mac only ("We have both kinds o' music--country and western!") affair, thinking back to when, out of idle curiosity, I looked at "Red Light Center" and found in their FAQ list, for the question "Do you have a Mac or Unix version of the software?",
We recommend buying a PC for about $500 from Dell to run this software [under Windows] if you really want it.
at which I cheerfully wished them a fun time in hell.

To my surprise, they said the moove software would work under WINE, and after a download, it installed.

Alas, either there's something still not quite right or moove is insanely popular, because it seems to hang at "contacting moove online". I'll let you know if I manage to get any further along.

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