Saturday, August 16, 2008

Garden of da Vinci

I received a notice from the NPIRL (Not Possible in Real Life) group about the Garden of da Vinci. "Romance and adventure, da Vinci style" the subject line said, so I had to go take a look.

It's breathtaking, and I was immediately captivated, though at first I wondered whether I knew enough history; if there were specific references to the great Leonardo they sailed right over my head.

Towers in the distance caught my eye (ouch!), and I flew to explore them.

Climbing the staircase proved difficult. Recent changes to the SL client have brought occasional vertiginous camera point of view loops, and they were severe as I climbed, trying to maintain the constant turn required but failing. I ended up using the "teleport by zooming and sitting down" method.

The stomach flip-flops and frustration were more than made up for, with glorious artwork above and below me, and a wonderful view of the region.

Ah, that view was where I found an artifice worthy of Leonardo himself, for as I zoomed and panned to capture that wonderful view, I found my point of view doing the stately dance that comes with its binding to a slowly rotating object, and the towers that were distant seemed to zoom towards me as the dance progressed. Of course, video would be required to give the full effect, but here is a still, showing a building that had moments before seemed far away:

After marveling at this strangeness, I flew off to explore further, and found many wonders. I especially liked the tapestry from the famous "Lady and the Unicorn" set hung on a castle wall:

To fully list the marvels I saw would take a very long time, surely omit much else that is there, and worse still might dissuade some from going there in person, which would be a shame. Don't miss the Garden of da Vinci.

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