Friday, August 29, 2008

Shocking realization

Me: "Hi... I'm Melissa, and I'm a fashion addict."
Off-key, out of sync chorus: "Hi, Melissa."

That hasn't happened... but it might as well. I've succumbed.

I knowingly bought a pair of pants that I expected to bear a visible insignia of the designer.

I was at Digital Darke's store, and they were there on display... a lovely violet with flowers, a perfect contrast to the incompetence-enforced simplicity of the tops I wear.

And there on them was the interlocked D insignia.

You have to understand how I grew up--in what is derisively called "flyover country" by those in the coastal megalopoloi. When "designer jeans" and the Izod shirts came out, we laughed. They should pay us money to wear their advertising, we said.

None of that mattered to me. I bought the pants.

When I put them on, the logo was nowhere to be seen. I was almost disappointed by the lack of evidence of my depravity.

But they're lovely, and I'll be going back. (I guess the sim the store is in is appropriately named: Addictive.)

UPDATE: My aim was bad or something; I wound up with a pair other than what I thought I was buying. I did go back, though, and get one with the logo. A picture with the first pair:

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susyn stenvaag said...

Anytime you want a designer logo tattooed on your avatar let me know. I'm learning how to do that :-)

And I used to laugh at those IZOD shirts and the like too. My family grew up shopping at Woolworths (showing my age here).