Wednesday, August 20, 2008


SL Fashion Police features an eye-opening sampling of the things avatars do to themselves. As you look over it, there are some recurring themes: indecent exposure; enough bling to make one single-handedly look like the flashbulbs of hundreds of photographers mobbing a celebrity at night; Sir Mix-a-lot-inspired slider settings, shall we say (though I think he'd decline the "honor")... and prim breasts.

I would respectfully submit that not all prim breast users are guilty of fashion offenses; indeed, some have great style. (I almost wrote "wear them with style," but that grates on me, as does the equation of prim breasts with breast implants. Attachments are forced on us by the limits of the SL avatar. Won't you consider voting for VWR-1258 if you haven't already?) Herewith, just some of the dear friends I would count in that number.

OK, I must admit the figure in whose palm I sit isn't Susyn Stenvaag. Yet. Give her time, though, to work out animation--and it does show her style. Here's a photo of her avatar as it is now:

Susyn typically dresses in a flowing gown with cape and tiara. She carries it off with great dignity and far better skill with textures than I have yet attained.

Mesha Sewell dresses so magnificently that I almost didn't dare speak to her. I'm happy that I did, and found the mischievous sprit behind that imposing appearance.

Foxbean Liebknecht makes and sells prim breasts and tops to accompany them. A mutual friend describes her as an angel, and I agree. Whether dressed as Little Bo Peep, a pirate, or in a simple sweater, she always looks wonderful.


Sophrosyne Stenvaag said...

Hi Melissa! I discovered your blog through my sweetie, Vidal Tripsa.

What a happy surprise to see photos of someone else I've just made contact with, my cousin Susyn! Small, and very good-looking, world! :P

This was a terrific post, and a great tribute to some women of real style. Thank you!

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Thank you, Sophrosyne--that was my intent. And thank you for your wonderful blog!

Foxbean said...

Thank you, Melissa. Bless your kind heart.

susyn stenvaag said...

Ditto for me. I am proud to call you friend.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Thank you both. This was only about your wonderful style; I promise I will someday make the attempt to describe what wonderful people you are, though I am sure I will fail.