Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another SL machinima request

A while back I wished out loud that someone would do a machinima to back Ishmael Reed's glorious cultural mashup of the Old West and Ancient Egypt, "I am a cowboy in the boat of Ra."

Now I have another wish.

Goodness knows that lots of people have done riffs on Pachelbel's Canon (you recognize it in Blues Traveler's "Hook", don't you?), and when you hear the main theme of "Sanvean", you settle back and think you're in for a pleasant, familiar trip... but the very first time through it diverges from the familiar chord progression, and then it goes off in a very different direction. The vocalise prevents any definite interpretation; is the climax triumph? Keening? No clue is given, so it can be used in many contexts.

I'd love to see what machinima people might come up with to accompany it.

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