Saturday, May 26, 2007

I don't think procrastination counts as a super power...

The other day in SL, I saw a friend in an amazingly detailed latex suit. She said she'd gotten it for only L$100, and took me shopping. I bought one.

That's something I'd never do in real life; at the very least, it would be horribly uncomfortable, and not particularly appealing to me. In SL, though, it's just a form-fitting suit, and in SL, one can always have a form worth fitting.

Suit on, in Calico Creation's Ember hair (in "fire" color) to match, I feel like I should be in a comic book. Where to take a picture of it? In a city, obviously. No superhero lives in a rural area...OK, Smallville maybe, but Superman headed for Metropolis when it was time to get serious about superheroing.

Where in SL to get that urban feel? Has to be Midnight City, at midnight. It worked for Sexy Tuxedo, it would work for this, and sure enough, it did:

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