Monday, May 07, 2007

World Tour

If you haven't set up your blog with Google Analytics or some other service that lets you keep track of who reads your blog like MyBlogLog, you should. Even if you aren't looking to maximize your sales or ad revenue, it's fun just to look at things like the Google Analytics "geo map overlay."

Sometimes I look at it and wish I had the time and money to visit all the places from which people read my blog. It would be quite a tour, even if I stuck only with the places that have looked at it more than once.

Then again, the thought makes me worry a little bit. People in Saudi Arabia have read this blog, and I can't help recalling the 2002 girls' school fire where the "mutaween" religious police made sure the schoolgirls who didn't take the time to put on their scarves and abayas couldn't get to safety. That differs from my notion of ethical behavior at such a fundamental level that I don't think there's much point to discussing it. I wonder what the beliefs of those readers in Saudi Arabia are, and what they think of my meanderings here...

...and then I wonder whether I'm getting a representative sample of what people there think. If others judge America by the religious nutcases that constitute the main shortwave broadcasters in the US other than the Voice of America, heaven help us.

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