Saturday, May 12, 2007


Since a kind lady took me shopping one day early in my Second Life, I have made periodic efforts to pay it forward.

Sometimes I've taken others shopping... at least once I didn't have time to actually go shopping, and it proved to be a good thing. I recently heard from Annica Lisle, a lovely and kind young woman; she didn't shop, but instead turned her talents, efforts, and L$ to building and becoming an entrepreneur. She now has two stores that sell a wide variety of clothing and accessories at very reasonable prices. One is in the Clarksville Shopping Mall at
Meari (203, 226, 138), and the other is in the Violet Club at Inare (27, 118, 421).

Here I have on my favorite of the things I've bought there so far. I hope you'll check her stores out.

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Anonymous said...

Thx Melissa for your kind words.

Annica Lisle