Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paradise for Sale

Second Life time is like dog years, only more so. So it seems to me as if Pele, the place my dear friend Cheyenne Palisades calls home in SL, has been around a long time... but it hasn't, really.

It's not been that long since she was learning about terraforming and building and positioning things... often the hard way. You can read about it in her blog.

Now Pele stands, a delightful and beautiful example of the designing skills (and whimsy) of Ms. Palisades, and of Exuberance LaFleur. (Did I mention that you can put Cheyenne's talents to work for you on the grid? She does have a design business in SL. As she says, life is too short for ugly design.) And now it's for sale.

I hope that the eventual buyer (or buyers) realizes and appreciates what he or she (or they) has (or have) acquired.

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