Friday, December 22, 2006

Spiffy T-shirts and more

I was looking for something else when I happened upon the shop of Masterblaster Ay, and serendipity struck.

He makes and sells T-shirts with some very neat abstract artwork, often SF-inspired. He offers both generic T-shirts and women's T-shirts, and in these pictures you see me in my two favorites (so far).

Time for me to rail once again about SL's choosing the "vacuum sealed" approach to rendering clothing, as opposed to having the fabric assume the minimum energy position as in RL. I really do not do "Warp Space" justice, and I apologize to Masterblaster Ay for it. Guys... check out "Warp Space" yourselves and admire the detail... no, not my detail, the art. Go to the store, OK? It's worth the look. (SL... please do something about the rendering of clothing!)

Mr. Ay IMed me today and showed me his new store; he's expanding into selling his artwork in a form one puts on the wall. It's abstract art, and I like it very much. Do check it out.
  • T-shirts: Ay! Designs, Pacific Hills Plaza, Lugubris (100, 138, 32).
  • Hangable art: Spaceport Art, Pacific Hills Square - Quality Shops!, Electra (157, 152, 80)

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