Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scary Real

That's a phrase that Cheyenne has used a couple of times to refer to the verisimilitude of her avatar.

I didn't really understand it until last night (OK, insanely early this morning) when we visited, and due to some combination of factors...
  • not many people, due to being insanely early in the morning
  • not much to render, being in an enclosed area
  • a new client
  • a good tailwind?
poor little Melissa with her Sempron 2400 (yes, that's 32 bit, Socket A; shoemaker's children and all that) and nVidia 5500 graphics card was managing to get 22 frames per second or maybe 24.

Cheyenne's motions as she typed were so fluid... I couldn't look away. Now I know. That's scary real. Wow.

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