Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Don't I know you? Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

Before I was SL, at least... New World Notes had an article about residents using to find out which celebrities their avatars most resemble. (A followup commented on the seeming prevalence of Bollywood stars in the results.)

I couldn't resist, of course... so I gave it a try, and the image here is the result. I'm not sure what Blogger will do with the image, so just in case:
  1. Uma Thurman, 97%
  2. Amisha Patel, 90%
  3. Beyonce Knowles, 83%
  4. Ayumi Hamasaki, 83%
  5. Kyoko Fukada, 78%
I suppose I continue the tradition to some extent, but only a little. Seeing two Japanese women on the list surprised me.

(Oh yes... the title is from "Cold Rain," on CSN's CSN album. No, that's not a tautology...)


Mordecai Scaggs said...

Darling, I would rather see it that the celebs look somewhat like you, if they are lucky! Give me Melissa Yeudoux over Uma or Beyonce any and every day!

Sorcha McConachie said...

That is so neat Melissa! YOu are very beautiful! I think I might try that too : )